Rich Swisher             Seasoned leader & manager sales-Marketing-Operations

  • Networked with other professionals
  • Earned one or more college degrees
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio


"A good blade is rarely forged in a velvet box." ~ Orsov
A hands-on dynamic leader with a strong record of creating and developing teams that perform above goal and beyond expectations.

Proactive, innovative professional delivering consistent top performance in business development, sales, sales strategy development, marketing strategy development & execution, sponsorship strategy & procurement, contract drafting & negotiation, relationship management, and field marketing, exemplifying work ethic & drive that consistently produce results above and beyond expectations.

Expertly identify and capitalize on solutions to drive profitability, productivity, and cost efficiency. Dedicated to creatively enhancing self and team abilities to increase value to client/organization.

Sales & Sales Team Leadership
Operational Staff & Team Management & Leadership
Relationship Establishment & Management
Start-Up Operations
Contracts: Negotiation, Drafting, Editing, Managing, Enforcement
Business Development: Established Markets, New Markets,
International Market Expansion
Project Management
Strategic Planning
Brand and Product Marketing
Special Projects
Operations Re-engineering
Operational Streamlining
Expense Control
Cost-Cutting Tactics

Career Timeline

  1. -
    Managing Partner, Lead Consultant, Motive Intl. llc

    -Business Development and Sales Leadership consulting

    • Sales Coaching
    • Sales Training
    • Change Management
    • Sales Process & System creation/development
    • Hiring, recruiting and on-boarding
    • Recurring training program development
    • New Market/New Vertical expansion

    -Business and Brand development with a focus on new market penetration

    • Strategic and affinity partnership development
    • Development and execution of go to market strategy
    • Guiding concept to start-up to mature growth

    -B2B Deal Procurement

    • Initial Development
    • Negotiation
    • Contracts (creating, drafting, finalizing)
    • Acquisitions & Sales of companies and brands

    -Heavy experience with international business in Europe, LATAM and Asia

  2. -
    Business Development Manager, GM of The Americas, Air & Style, North America

    Integral member of Air & Style global leadership team to develop and execute the expansion of Air & Style to the Americas. Manage and oversee all business, business development, and event functions of Air & Style in the Americas. Develop and manage negotiations for new markets for potential expansion throughout the world, coordinate all legal matters related to business development and partnerships.

    Orchestrated, negotiated and finalized the sale of Air & Style Company to a US based company.

  3. -
    Marketing Account Executive, Compushare Inc.

    • Managed a banking technology campaign targeting C-level bank executives.

    • Employed a combination of mass-marketing and specifically individualized impressions to generate capital for the company and its products.

    • Worked with and reported directly to National Director of Marketing to create and develop strategy.

    • Doubled national sales force’s activity within the first month of employment with increases monthly thereafter.

    • Developed and led the launch of a new cloud technology offering in broader and new verticals.

    • Overcame objections to compliance and regulatory issues and persuasively sold enterprise SAAS and cloud solutions to C-Level executives.

  4. -
    Senior Account Manager, Indigo Payments, Inc.

    • Performed sales and client relation functions for a leading merchant services corporation; developed diversified account portfolios through networking, cold calling and referral-based partnerships.

    • Created shared residual and referral partnerships with various organizations resulting in significant financial gain for partner corporations by cutting sales time and costs by more than 75%.

    • Built new lucrative corporate verticals through networking and cross-pollination.

    • Recognized with multiple National #1 Salesperson awards.

  5. -
    Police Officer, Los Angeles Police Department

    Police Officer, Training Officer, Undercover Investigator, Intelligence Analyst

    President, Academy Class 8/95, and winner of the LAPD Chief’s Award

    Selected to Anti-Terrorist Division conducting joint operations with FBI, USSS and other Federal, State and Local Agencies. Lead intelligence analyst for 2000 Democratic National Convention

    Reduced burglary in Central Los Angeles by 86% through Hype Task Force and targeted enforcement

    Training Officer/Lead Community Policing Officer in South Central Los Angeles with numerous officers under direct supervision

    Implemented Community Policing, COMPSTAT, Community Police Advisory Committee, Crime specific
    targeted narcotics and vice enforcement, and other programs in targeted at-risk neighborhoods

    Central Division Gang Enforcement unit officer in Central Bureau with a focus on revitalization zone

    Court qualified narcotics expert in the symptomology, use, sale, production, and trafficking of controlled
    substances with more than 500 arrests for hard street drug (not marijuana...)

    Played key role in implementation of the sensitive Urban Police Rifle program in South Central Los Angeles as early UPR Cadre member. Attained highest UPR marksmanship score on Department

    Created LAPD Motocross Racing Team to compete in Fire & Police Motocross Nationals, earning overall national rankings as high as 2nd in class, 24th overall nationally

  6. -
    USAF Security Forces, United States Air Force

    Supervised and Managed over 70 personnel, including many line supervisors and managers.

    Responsible for security operations for all priority A, B and C resources at Kirtland Air Force Base, NM.
    Value of assets not published, but included over 70 sensitive aircraft and the world’s largest stock-pile of nuclear weapons, housed within the high security KUMSEC and Manzano Mtn. complexes

    USAF Airmen Leadership School, Distinguished Honor Graduate and John L. Levitow Award winner.

    FBI certified hostage negotiator, counter-terrorism team leader & counter-sniper, for Presidential travel and visits

    Conducted briefings to visiting SALT 2 Treaty officials from visiting treaty signatory nations

    Selected to early promotion during Operation Desert Storm for exemplary performance during initial
    deployment to Persian Gulf region to capture key airfields for US Military use to prosecute the war.

    Deployed with multinational forces from UAE, Turkey, UK and US on the initial deployment to Operation Desert Storm as Air Base Ground Defense and Security Force.

    Nuclear Weapons Security Supervisor for NATO team comprised of US and Turkish forces necessitating me to be conversationally fluent in Turkish language.

    SWAT team leader and graduate of US DOE SRT tactical team development course, Kirtland AFB

    Selected to AMC Nuclear Surety Inspection team deployed to Nellis AFB, NM to inspect defensive measures for Air Base resources including all flight operations/resources and Nuclear Weapons

    Executive level instructor of QAF (Total Quality Management) and honored graduate of the course

    Defender Challenge team member & team trainer: Defender Challenge was a global competition between security forces consisting of Obstacle Course, Combat Ops, Orienteering and various shooting disciplines

  7. -
    Attack Helicopter Crew Chief / Security Forces, Arizona Army National Guard and Air National Guard

    Graduated US Army Basic Combat Training at Fort Dix, NJ in 1996 between my Junior and Senior year of High School. After graduating High School, my unit moved to Tucson and I transferred to the AZ Air Guard in Phoenix as a Security Forces Specialist.

    After graduating from the USAF Security Forces Academy in San Antonio, Texas, I transferred into active service in the United States Air Force.


The marriage to my wife, and my truly amazing sons are blessings that continuously humble me

Experience Highlights

  • International Business Development
    Expanded athlete management firm from 2 nations, to 17 nations in two years.
  • Sales & Sales Management
    raised more than $25m in sports and entertainment sponsorship.  Multiple National #1 sales awards.
  • Leadership & Management
    years of Experience developing and leading multi-disciplinary, and globally disbursed SALES teams
  • Security Forces Team Leader
    Multiple deployments and varied missions, domestic & abroad, peace time and war time
  • Tactical Team Member/Leader
    USAF EST team leader - Counter-sniper for US presidents - LAPD Gang Unit - Joint terror task ForcE
  • Intelligence Officer & Investigator
    tactical operator, agent, investigator analyst, analyst and surveillance specialist.
  • Languages
    Basic business conversational proficiency in turkish and spanish.

Education Highlights

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with minor in Computer Information Technology (2018)
    Northern Arizona University
  • Los Angeles Police Academy
    Class President and honored graduate
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    University of New Mexico (incomplete)
  • Quality Air Force Management, (TQM off-shoot) Executive Course
    Graduate and certified instructor
  • USAF Airman Leadership School
    Distinguished honor graduate & Lohn L. Levitow award winner
  • LAPD & USAF specialty schools
    numerous career specific technical schools and certifications
  • LAPD Detective School
    Graduate with varied field experience
  • Dept. Of Energy SRT
    Graduate, Special Weapons and Tactics course

Personal Interests

  • Motocross
    Riding and racing motocross since age 9, I have ridden and/or raced on 5 continents,,, so far!
  • Cycling
    I truly enjoy life on 2 wheels, especially when those wheels are on dirt...
  • Water Sports
    Waterpolo, paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing, cliff diving... The water is my playground!
  • History Buff
    I am enthralled by history... Books, documentaries or best of all, traveling to  historic sites !
  • Mixed Martial Arts
    Former Gracie Jiu Jitsu student, and big fan of the sport!


  • $25m
    Over $25,000.000 raised in sponsor dollars
  • !26!
    Championship winning pro athletes signed & managed
  • 100%
    Perfect record in top annual sales awards


  • Sports Marketing
  • Business Development
  • International Business
  • Negotiation
  • Management
  • Strategy
  • New Business Development
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Brand Development
  • Sales Management
  • Sales
  • Sponsorship
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing
  • Market Planning
  • Start-ups
  • Public Relations
  • Event Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Product Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Online Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Trade Shows


Worldwide ~ with particular international strength in Europe, Turkey, Latin America and the Mid East

Currently Seeking

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